Hear it once and you’ll never forget it!

Can you imagine a better name? And a .com no less! Played as a jingle followed by the tagline “delivers”, dingdong.com is the perfect name for a small package delivery and logistics system. It could also be used as an umbrella app licensing small delivery contractors worldwide.

Transcending language, culture and borders, focus group research confirms that "dingdong" is the ultimate onomatopoeia. Its spelling is universally associated with its sound. When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it signals that someone or something you have been waiting for has arrived at your door.

Already an established brand, dingdong.com takes advantage and capitalizes on the world’s most recognizable "two note" melody. It is called a doorbell and nearly every household in the world has one. Because it’s a sound, it may be better than a two-letter domain.

Amazon and UPS are great names. However, dingdong is both a name and a sound. Every time a doorbell rings anywhere in the world it reinforces your brand. The app and delivery notification of a ringing doorbell are pure genius.

Dingdong.com is for serious investors and companies who have an interest in providing an online product similar to and on a scale comparable to Amazon, FedEx and UPS.

Please contact Jim Phillips to learn more.