As apocalyptic as it may sound, the consistent decline in sales and traffic at traditional brick and mortar stores is not a phenomenon, coincidence or fad.  Like the dinosaur, the imminent destruction and its ultimate extinction is in sight.   The massive asteroid that has forever changed how, when and where the world shops, is called Amazon.  An asteroid of this size is indeed a cataclysmic event.

The malls, and especially legacy department stores like Sears, Macy’s and JC Penny, are among those on the endangered list.  In fact, Sears Holdings, failing to reinvent itself, is closing stores, selling off real estate assets and iconic brands like Craftsman just to survive.  Sears is in hospice and the financial world doesn’t expect it to live much longer.  Sadly, the storied 124 year old retailer was the Amazon of its day. 

Since launching this site, several well known businesses have filed for bankruptcy. Who will be next? 

The idea of world dominance is not off the charts.  Bezos is now salivating as he begins the taking over of e-commerce in India.  This giant has become the Biblical equivalent of a retail Goliath.   Left unabated, Amazon will be unstoppable.  This strategic planner takes no prisoners.

This article says it well: “The price of Amazon's success is worker exploitation, the destruction of local enterprise and the creation of a corporate oligarch that gives new meaning to the word ruthless.”

If you are a successful retailer like Target, Bezos will take you down one product category at a time. But make no mistake; you will eventually get swallowed, albeit not in one big bite. He will slowly reduce your product offering to the point where your once neighborhood department store becomes a midnight snack for him. Bezos has already shown recently that he can take on apparel just as he began by taking on books. Although you may be able to price match him in the short term, you can’t possibly keep the lights on, shelves stocked and your stores staffed forever.

Let’s be straight about this. Founded in 1994, Bezos brilliantly built and maintains the biggest, safest and most convenient online shopping mall in the world. For these and many other reasons, much of retail will soon be conducted online. This is why Bezos is so focused on fast delivery.

Copying Amazon will not be difficult to do. Everything Bezos does is online to see. It may be too big a task for a single entity because he has had such a head start. But there is nothing stopping a group of investment bankers, manufactures and retailers from joining together and spreading their losses in taming Amazon and keeping him from world dominance. The time to act is now because there is no longer time left to waste.

If you can appreciate the importance of taking on Amazon, it should be abundantly clear that it must be done on Amazon’s own turf. In other words, you will need a separate online entity or brand that is not associated with your current brick and mortar store. No matter how much you invest in your own websites, whether it be or, it simply won’t work. The reason is simple: Amazon is already a 1,000 superstores all rolled into one. Although he initially fell short, Bezos is a quick study and will begin his foray into the grocery business soon. One week after issuing this prophetic warning, Amazon announced its purchase of Whole Foods.


This is not about abandoning your brand or business model; it is about exploiting it. Using your existing infrastructure, you can create an online competitor, a competitor that competes directly with Amazon. You already have the brick and mortar advantage; so why not have the online advantage as well? You can capture both markets by competing both ways. Creating bigger retail stores is not the answer. This site is exactly about how to do it. “” is all about delivery and convenience; everything that Amazon strives to be. Best of all, it is a very novel idea and an unforgettable name.

Many have successfully argued that in the game of retail business, Amazon is already a monopoly. As a game, Monopoly may be fun, but real monopolies of any kind are never benign.

What happens when the same online company leases a fleet of jets and has drones delivering orders that use to take two days now in two hours? And what if mom while preparing dinner can go online and order whatever she needs by just talking and never looking at a screen or touching a keyboard? Did I just hear an "Echo" in the room or was that a Chinese "Ding Dong"? What happens when this online Goliath has no serious competitors?

When we read about yet another brick and mortar retailer filing for bankruptcy, the article almost always sights e-commerce as a contributor. However, when the reporter writes the word “e-commerce”, the reporter is really talking about Amazon. Could they be simply afraid to say Amazon because of Jeff Bezos’ power or are they not mentioning his name so he can’t claim credit?

Without healthy retail competition, businesses of every kind, even those online, are at risk of the Blob’s insatiable appetite. Its high fiber diet began by eating books. Does Amazon now control what books get published and how much an author can get paid? Many authors believe the answer is an overwhelming yes to both questions.

But an even bigger concern arises beyond publishing. What happens when most of the retail outlets, including those online, have either been gobbled up or bullied out of business? With competitors out of the way, who is next on the Blob’s menu?

If you are a manufacturer the answer is scary. Jeff Bezos becomes your new silent and controlling partner. Without investing a dime, he now dictates the price of your product, and by extension, how much you will make. In other words; you now work for him.

The Blob who began eating books and controlling the publishing industry is now spewing its fiber by way of newsprint.

Jeff Bezos now dictates how much he will pay and even the days the Post Office must deliver his packages including Sundays and Holidays.  Like everything else he does, his scheme is brilliant!  He has the American taxpayer subsidizing what effectively has become his “Prime” delivery system.

With trucks filled to capacity, the Post Office often makes multiple deliveries to the same address each day.  He essentially owns the Post Office without having to pay a dime for it.

While successfully executing a very clever plan, it may also be quite diabolical.   Not even the Post Office can escape the economic undertow of the mighty Amazon.  For businesses big and small, online or in a strip mall, Amazon may soon be a river of tears.  How can any business compete on these terms?

To be fair, Amazon success is a result of how it has managed its phenomenal growth. It has maintained its entrepreneurial agility, creativity and focus. Unlike the Biblical Goliath, this giant won’t be easy to compete with or take down.

It’s Time to Tell Amazon: No More!

If Amazon were ever to face a serious competitor, Like David, it will be at the hand of an agile marksman holding one hell of a slingshot with a brand that won't take 23 years to establish.  What is truly amazing is a brand and a dot com domain like this one are even available. Together, they are sure to give Jeff Bezos and his "Blob" a serious case of heartburn on day one.

So where can one find such a slingshot, a slingshot and brand capable of slaying the mighty Goliath?   How do you take instant advantage of Amazon’s successes diverting their customers to your online site without relying on tired old SEO techniques?   Is it possible to bypass search engines altogether getting customers straight to your doorstep, your website?

The answer is absolutely yes!  It's done by taking advantage of and capitalizing on the most recognizable "two note" melody the world has ever known.  It is called a doorbell and nearly every household in the world has one.

Can you imagine a brand that is reinforced and played every time a package is delivered anywhere in the world?  Simplicity is always the secret of success and it doesn’t get any simpler than 

"" is far too good a domain for just any ordinary business.   In fact, it may be the best domain ever and is perfect for an online site like Amazon.  Why?  Because it is an already established brand ready to go head to head with Amazon.   It can be done with simple and inexpensive radio spots.

Transcending language, culture and borders, our focus group research confirms that "dingdong" is the ultimate onomatopoeia.  Its spelling is universally associated with its sound.  When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it means someone or something you have been waiting for has arrived at your door.

Click on any of the buttons above and listen for yourself.

This domain sounds especially great with the dot com extension and works very well with tag lines. You will immediately appreciate that finding is analogous to winning the lottery.   

There is still time!

But make no mistake; soon the opportunity may be lost.

This premium domain is owned by a public charity and every dime from the sale will go directly to its efforts to engage boys and girls in an exciting hands-on science program called Professor Know-How's Lab. You can learn more by clicking the website image below that explains our mission. is for serious investors and companies who have an interest in providing an online product similar to Amazon or for other uses. It is important that the domain not used for any purpose the seller deems harmful to children. The seller wishes to directly engage with buyers who are ready to set up a face to face meeting to begin the process of agreeing on a fair price. Being offered for sale by a charity may open up creative ways to acquire this brand by combining a modest cash purchase with a commitment for future support based on the charity's results.

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